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Help Help please, what do I do now?


May 17, 2011
My DroidX screen became frozen while I was looking up a contact. I could not shut the phone off. I left it alone for an hour, and it went black, and I could not turn it on. I plugged in the charger and nothing. I asked my son and he advised me to take out the battery and replace it. I did. It is now stuck with a black screen with a white globe and the logo that looks like an M or batwings to me.

What do I do now?

Thank you anyone who helps. (My son has no further advice.)
Hey there dude / duette! :)

Welcome to the forums buddy!

Hmm is there any software that you can use to reflash the phone?

Okay remove the battery and wait about 30 seconds.

Put in battery and then hold down home button and then power button .

When you see the Motorola Logo then release the power button and keep pressing the home button.

Got the info from here:

Boot your Motorola Droid X into recovery mode

What do you see?
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