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Root HELP! Radio update!


Mar 26, 2011
PHONE---> Im running stock rom on evo and got 2.2. my kernal is the htc #15. Im rooted (universal root i believe, cant really remember but all is unlocked) and everything had cm7 but just want stock for awhile, (4g was faster on stock). PROBLEM----> Ive read on xda there are new wimax radios and new baseband radios too. i want to flash the combo but it says i MIGHT need to reflash the kernal. Im new the the kernal portion lol I just need instructions on how i would go about updating the radio and reflashing the kernal at the same time cause i dont want to take any chances on bricking it. Just some reassurance its okay lol
Okay we will keep to this but I only posted multiple because I seen people viewing but not helping. I was already on a stock Rom. I had cm7 before but went back to stock just for the faster 4g. So on stock I noticed my baseband was out of date or aka the radio and the wimax. (From what I seen on calks all radio thread) so I wiped cache and dalvik then flashed the combo zip he had. Then next thing I know no data just fail and error 67. Before in my other threads I was trying to figure out how to do it. Someone told me just do that but it ****ed up. I went back to cm7 and nothing. I don't know how to get it back and I tried pro on the stock yet still nothing. I even looked at the about phone to see if it worked but all looked the same. I was also looking for the stock kernal I had because calks radio thread said may need to reflash kernal. I've been taking the wrong directions.
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I just got home to my home computing and chrging it for a little. i seen the sprint lovers in the other thread that you mentioned and i will try that first. my radio is still 215001119 and pri is the same. Yea evomatt i was thinking they were important thats why i attempted it but i guess not, no apologizing just thank you for helping me! heres the thing though, did i even flash the radio right???
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