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How do I tell if I'm on 3g?

I've uploaded this once before, but I don't want to hunt for it again...It should make everything clear.


Just some additional speed info:

GPRS ~ 56 kbit/s (171 kbit/s theoretical max)
EDGE ~ 240 kbit/s (473 kbit/s theoretical max)
HSPA ~ 3.6-7.2 Mbit/s with current hardware (up to 84Mbit/s on future hardware)
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quantumrand if its ok with you i'm going to add that to the Hero guide sticky. Very useful bit of info thanks so much.

Go for it lekky.

what about on sprint what do the symbols mean

I don't know what the Sprint symbols look like. I got that image from the User's Manual PDF, so you can check the Sprint version manual if you want. Or you can ask on the Sprint Hero forum (this is the GSM Hero forum).
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