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Help How to stop bluetooth media connecting?


Oct 8, 2009
Hi all,

I have got the HTC Hero running 2.1 and im my car i have got a stereo with Bluetooth handsfree. I am able to play music from my phone via the stereo using BT but i dont.

My questiong is, Everytime I get in the car and the stereo and phone connect it sets the BT settings on my phone to use the stereo for hands free but also for all Media. I dont want it to automatically use it for Media as i use Google Nav and by the time it has started the audio on the stereo it has missed the first part of the command but it also goes silent for about 5 - 10 seconds at the end of the command so i would prefer it to use the phone speaker.

I have tried everything i can think of to stop it connecting the phone media to the stereo, I have changed the settings in the BT menu for the stereo device while it is connected and while it is disconnected. neither work. It reconnects both when i go back to the car.

Does anybody have any ideas? Hope i have made this clear, was not to sure how to describe it.

I have a Pioneer bluetooth stereo, the phone connects to handsfree whenever I get into the car but it does not connect to Bluetooth Audio untill I change the stereo to Bluetooth Media setting which allows me to use the handsfree and music seperately. I think it depends on what brand stereo you have and how it operates as all brands are different.
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