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Help HTC Sensation - Random Reboots


Mar 14, 2013
Some weeks ago my phone started doing some random reboots. It became more, and more frequent, and in the end it rebooted like 3 times an hour.
I have tried resetting the device. First time in the settings-menu. That didn't help.
Then i tried reset with the "volume-buttom-method", it worked for some days. But today, it started again. And now it reboots about 3 times an hour - again.

In Advance, thanks for your time and help.
Casper Bladt
A common cause of this is that the phones battery stops making contact with its terminals as the phone is moved. Try taking the battery out and giving the terminals on the phone and battery a good clean. And then try wedging a thin piece of cardboard (or plastic from a cut up credit card) between the bottom of the battery and the phone to try to push it further towards the terminals. Or, as already suggested try changing the battery.

All have been found to work, to a greater or lesser extent, but I would suggest you start with the first two as they won't cost anything. ;)
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