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Root I need help!! Not sure if phone is bricked!!! Methods not helping!!

I recently rooted my lg optimus v, using gingerbreak, and for some reason a few days later I wanted to factory reset my phone. Well im new to this stuff, I didnt know factory reseting would mess it up. Well now, when I turn it on, it just shows the LG logo, then goes black until I remove the battery. I tried some methods on these forums, but no use so far. I can`t enter that recovery mode thing, my screen just goes black, and I can`t seem to work out adb. Please, can someone help me out? I had android 2.2, with what some people are saying has the "newer screen". I`ve searched all over but can`t find a solution. I also tried kdz, but cant find the optimus v kdz file. Is there a way to fix it, please, someone help me out. I`m not sure if I want to buy a new phone right now.
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Thanks :) I got my phone working again, but with all the LG Optimus s things. Unfortunally, I can`t root my phone. Gingerbreak won't finish after like an hour. A good thing is that I had an update later that gave me android 2.3.3 without that flashing stuff. Is there another way to root my phone?

Android 2.3.3????????? An official update to gingerbread from LG is here?
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Another thing is that my phone has SW version LS670ZVJ, and on google I found that there isnt a direct way to root that version. Is there another way?

Android 2.3.3????????? An official update to gingerbread from LG is here?

That's very confusing. I Googled that and everything I see is for the LG Optimus S and it getting Gingerbread. This was back in April, according to news articles.

How's he getting that on the V?
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