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Root I need serious help!

New DInc, yesterday. Rooted no problem using unrevoked. Tried installing a new rom using ROM manager. Big problem.

Apparently neither my recovery image (Clockwork) or the rom support the SLCD screen on my DInc! I get a black screen with just about everything I do.

Someone please tell me I didn't brick my new DInc. What can I do?
As I understand it, you still need Adrynalyne's modified CWM found here due to your SLCD Incredible:


Need S-Off and a FAT32 formatted SD card.

Rename to PB31IMG and place on the root of your SD card, then load via hboot by powering down phone, then hold volume down and press power button. When prompted to load, volume up to proceed.

I have not had the need to perform this yet so my experience is limited. For any specific questions not addressed by others, I recommend contacting AF member Doug Piston. I believe he has some knowledge on the topic.
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