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Help Initial Setup


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May 15, 2010
I have my HTC Incredible coming soon.

I have a gmail account as my main personal email/contacts/calendar. I also have a hosted exchange account as my work email/contacts/calendar.

I was thinking that I'll set up my gmail account as my main account on my Incredible and I'll use Activesync/Exchange for my work email.

When the phone syncs these accounts, what is going to happen to my contacts and calendars? Will they still be split up? Can I view the personal and work contacts and calendars individually?

What I'm really worried about is that my exchange contacts/calendar will sync back out to my gmail contacts/calendar and vice versa.

I don't want that to happen.

So how exactly does this work? Do I have different setup options that I need to set before I do this all to make sure it's how I want?
Ok. That's perfect then.

The manual seemed to make it look at way, where I can view all or one or the other, but I saw someone else post earlier today that their exchange contacts synced out to their gmail contacts.

So they'll be a toggle to show all contacts, gmail contacts and exchange contacts?
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