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Help Interesting response from HTC regarding battery life

So recently, I emailed HTC from their website concerning the battery life on the Incredible. This was the email I wrote:

Hello, I currently have a Droid Incredible and I am experiencing horrible battery issues caused by the phone not properly going into "sleep" mode. When I try to put the phone to sleep, it stays awake and continues to eat battery life. I have deleted all third party apps, so the thing responsible must be one of the HTC programs added onto the phone.

Sometimes, I've noticed that when I Force Stop the Calendar application, this fixes the issue. However, sometimes it doesn't and I must then Force Stop another HTC app, like the Messages, before the phone will sleep correctly. However, I do not want to have to Force Stop my applications daily for the phone to work properly, so I'm sure there must be a fix available.

This is creating a massive problem and is starting to ruin an otherwise wonderful experience with this device. Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.

Today, I received this response:

Good to hear they have identified an issue! Hopefully an OTA solves the problem I've been having. The calendar issue was solved by a factory reset, but my phone still won't go to sleep after about 12-16 hours of uptime...usually in the middle of the night. I have to reboot every morning and it temporarily resolves the issue.

Try deleting Flickr accounts. That solved the problem for me. 60 hours up and the phone was sleeping like a baby.
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