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is it time to move on?


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Jul 10, 2011
Amityville, NY
I have had the motion for a while now and the last week i have been having a lot of issues.

running real slow majority of the time. when i would type on a website it would crash and sometimes the whole phone would restart. a lot of freezing when im just on the home screen and then would also reboot. and now i was trying to send photos through my email and it restarted twice and i was on about 20% battery and when i try to boot it up it says no battery life.

I tried different firmwares, im on just stock C now. i have also tried several roms and tried clearing caches and the same thing just keeps happening.

any suggestions or should i move onto a new phone?
well we have the l9 for metro, but the nexus does look like a nice phone and bunch of roms for it.

So im going to go for either the nexus or if i can find an s3 for cheap.

BobZhome got a MetroPCS L9 and that phone has a locked bootloader, but can be unlocked through a guide on xda.

I was thinking of getting an L9 once it came to south FL, but since the Motion's bootloader has been bypassed, I'm staying :p
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Nah! Go spirit!! Way better. LoL :screwy:

Sorry Jason but in my opinion the noose is already around the neck of the Spirit but still a little loose.

ESPECIALLY for $269.

At the end of this year, 5 months from now, you'll only have 1 year MAX of CDMA left. TO ME the Spirit becomes all but worthless at that point. Before I'd pay $269 for a Spirit now, I'd consider a CDMA S3 for around $300.

Of course all this could and may likely change dramatically once T-Metro gets the new network all dialed in and Everyone able to use it.

You and I did good getting ours when we did. I'm even putting my money where my mouth is and putting my Motion on Fleabay very soon.

Bruce in Ocala, Fl
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If I absolutely HAD TO replace a phone tomorrow for $150, I'd probably get a decent shape Spirit from Fleabay. It'd still work for another year and a half almost and is a GREAT phone for $150.

If I could wait another month or so, the L9 for us looks Ok for the same money and will be on the new network.

Bruce in Ocala, Fl
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True Bruce. But Loki(looky) how my spirit runs

Thanks to GT and his over clock kernel :)
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I would agree that describing a Spirit as a Motion with a bigger screen is a pretty fair appraisal.

I came to the Motion from a 4.5" Droid X.

The Motion was really too small for me. Nice phone, just too small.

The Spirit for me is PERFECT.

If they keep my "enriched" combined speeds without throttling them the closer they get to 2015, I could stay on CDMA til they kill it and be pretty happy.

(You HEAR that METRO, charging me MORE for the same damn plan on GSM IS NOT going to get ME to switch devices.) :rolleyes:

Bruce in Ocala, Fl
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That's another reason as to why I'm thinking about a new phone because I feel like I need a magnifying glass to watch YouTube on this thing.

I was looking at t-mobile stuff and didn't like how they make a big deal of offering a phone for 50$ and in fine print talks about monthly payments for the phone for two years, and the plan I have now is like thirty bucks more on t-mobile
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