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Root let's try to work together

lets not be mean to each other its not getting anyone anywhere . here are the facts as i see them. we have recovery it doesn't work the best. we have 2 roms that we do not understand how 2 make them work right. we mostly seem to treat one another like trash and we are pissing off all the devs who can help us.lets try to be nice be grateful and pool all are knowledge into a plan because i dont know about you guys but i think we should all work together.
I thought the base rom was working fine. I debloated it and it seemed flawless. Losing cretinoid is going to greatly hinder us. Anyone know the sources of this lte2 recovery And rom? We need to follow that. If theirs problems with the base rom I will quickly debloat it and release it. I am goin to be working on cm10 but have never setup a device tree. Flashing a modem could at least be a bandaid for data, mAybe even wireless.
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I'm working on a place to start since I'm not good with the whole android platform, and deodexing, things like that, but I'll try to learn it fast and work out something.

Seriously though. If you think someone is wrong, say why, and let them counter it. One person is right, one is wrong, or both are wrong, but it helps the whole community if we know who is wrong. There was once something said about how there can be 2000 ways of going about a problem wrong, until you find the 1 right solution, say how to turn on a lightbulb.

What did you just learn? You just learned how to turn on a light bulb and 2000 ways how to not turn on a light bulb.

Lets work together, this is supposed to be OPEN SOURCE people, team work for the greater good
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why would you need radio.img? it will be on its own partition anyways
Exactly, very rarely is the radio.img flashed with a ROM. And in the case that I have seen it done, it was a 2 part flash.

Flashing radios from other devices can be and is very dangerous for the novice and can result is a perma brick real easy. And you just cant use radios from random devices with a similar chip, they need to be from a variant of the same device like the SGS3 models, the lg 840 series, etc. Tho in most cases, the radios used are from the same device just from newer/older firmware versions.

If you dont have a clue what you are doing, PLEASE, PLEASE put the time in to research it. ;)
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