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May 21, 2010
Hello im looking to buy this phone for my gf as a present (well more like she lost her iphone ><) i was reading these forums and someone said they bought this phone from the website. Im wondering if its actually legit they have some deal to extend her contract for two more years and get the phone for 79.99?


it seems to good to be true so i called att and had no clue what i was talking about or the website i read some reviews online some people say they sucked (mostly with rebates) and some people saying they got what they paid for.

If anyone else has anything to add about this website or if they got a phone from it with no problems that would be awesome! Thanks for your time all!
I bought my Captivate through LetsTalk.com. I had no issues with the purchase. At the time they were offering the phone for free with a new contract. The only issue is that they offered "no activation fee" and I am waiting for the credit for the activation fee. When I contacted them about it they stated that I would need to be a customer for 30 to 60 days before the credit would appear on my AT&T bill. I have been a customer for 60 days now so I expect the credit will be on my next billing.
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I bought my Captivate through them. Our last phone order, prior to that, was bought at Costco. However, the order before that... when I went back to AT&T, was through Letstalk.

Haven't ever had a problem with them and if you catch it at the right time, you can get a Hell of a good deal from there, for whatever phone you're looking for.
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I got my Captivate through Letstalk at release for $25 w/2-year upgrade and $25 off coupon (25rafpcver1). Try, the coupon code, it should still work. Phone arrived quickly, activated it, no problems. The Captivate was actually free through them at release for new and upgrade. Mine was $50 because I chose the 200MB data plan instead of 2GB. I'm sure Letstalk will have another free or really cheap deal for this holiday shopping season.
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