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Root Metamorph Theming - Help!


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Oct 24, 2009
Southern California
OK...I am trying to learn how to theme (just for fun). I am going to create a "Lakers" theme. I already have a Lakers LWP and I made a Lakers HTC keyboard (with the kitchen), but now I WANT MORE!

I am having a big problem though. I figured I'd start off with the Launcher Icon (stock launcher on BB 1.0). I want to have the Lakers logo there. I have been at the for the better part of Sunday (and now into Monday) and making no headway. I have searched and searched for the problem and found no solution (lots of out of memory and failure to unzip threads). I've watched video after video as well.

Problem : Hangs on "Please Wait Applying Launcher.apk theme" I let it even sit there for 1/2 hour once.

Things I have tried :

1. Use existing theme and choose only the "Launcher.apk" (Tried several different existing themes, but there doesn't appear to be many for BB 1.0, most of the themes for BB 1.0 are update.zip files, rather than MM themes.)

2. Create new theme with just the Launcher (Create theme with notepad, saved as .thm , use xml converter to convert to xml). I made sure to name the xml file the exact same as the zip file name (ie. Lakers Theme.xml, Lakers Theme.zip)

The file structure is Laker Theme.zip. Inside zip are "Launcher" and "Lakers Theme.xml" Inside the "Launcher Folder" I have tried "res" only, as well as "res, META-INF, AndroidManifest.xml, classes.dex, resources.arsc" I made sure to try to make the zip with no compression (after I noticed it said it had to be that way).

Do I have to mess with the framework just to install the "Launcher" icon? From what I have seen around the web, you do not, but I figured I'd ask.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post!

Rom - Bugless Beast ESE81 V 1.0
Kernel - Bekit 1.2 Ghz LV (Currently running at 1 Ghz)

A few other things I just thought of. I have tried the installation both with my phone connected to my computer (but not mounted) with Debugging on and I have tried sans any USB cable connected. Also, I have reinstalled my rom 3 times (factory reset on 1 or 2 of them), and I have downloaded MM from the market several times as well. Last note, I am using the free version at the moment, could that be a problem?
This happens to certain ROMs. Some of them just simply cannot be MM themed. I remember reading why once a while ago, but I dont remember exactly what it was. Something to do with the framework-res.apk being different.

I'm sorry to be the one bearer of bad news, but if you want a themed ROM, you have two options.

1) Use another ROM.

2) Manually change your framework-res.apk.

It's not an overly large deal to edit the framework-res yourself, but I don't know how comfortable you are playing with such things. It is insanely easy to end up in a boot loop and having to restore when you start playing with such things. If you are 100% comfortable, though, and that is the route you want to take, hit me up via PM and I'll type up a bit of a walk-through for you.
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Thanks Doom. I will give that a shot...I still want to get MM working...

I just wanted to give a BIG thank you to Fadelight. Through PM he instructed me with how to do this without MM. I'm currently pulling the APKs, making changes, then using Root Explorer or ADB to put them back in.

It's going well, but damn, there is alot to learn. It's alot of fun though. For example, Shizzy made me a couple of LiveWallpapers (much thanks!!!). But the logo he had on the LWP was what I wanted as my Launcher Icon. So I just jumped in head first and figured out how to change it (the pic to go on top of the Nexus LWP).

I'm really just getting started, but it's really addicting. It has opened my eyes to a another world when I thought my Droid was already the best electronic device I've purchased in a long time BEFORE I started doing this! So freaking customizable... Possibilities are endless!

So many people to thank...We have a DAMN great community here :)
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lol You are now where I was about 2 months ago. I was actually taking screen shots from a video game I play (Assassin's Creed) and cutting/editing certain parts of it to use as a theme. I gave up eventually... I have no talent at all with gimp/photoshop, but I was ripping apart all of the apks and changing every icon I could find.

I did save my own custom 3G icon from that little venture, though. That was the one thing I really liked.

This was my AC theme...


I'd love to see your work, if you have the time to throw up some screenshots.
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Fade... (and anyone really) If you want some help with the photoshop end of things hit me up, I'm pretty good in it and very comfortable with it... So I might be able to help with that side of things...

I actually might take you up on that! I keep coming across symbols here and there and I'm always thinking "Man, if only I could find a way to cut out that symbol from the rest of the picture..."

Thanks for offering!
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So far, I really havn't done much...

Changed Nexus Wallpaper background
Changed Launcher Icon
My phone now gets 4g :p
IME Keyboard with Lakers logo (but I did that through that "Kitchen" site...)


**Edit to reduce image size**
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OK guys...Still need a few more suggestions (or help). Below is a pic of my "Phone" and "Contacts" APK (I say that because from what I understand, you have to change the icons in both the phone and contact apks for them to appear). I can't seem to find out the following...

1. How can I make the back ground behind the dial pad a different color? I can't seem to find it in phone or contact apk. Do I have to edit an xml file for this?

2. Phone, Call Log, Contacts, and Favorites I can not seem to find in either apk. Can someone clue me in? I've taken a cursory look in the framework apk, but didn't see it there either.

3. The far right hand side of my basketballs have some "nubs" on them (extra bits of color, when it should be rounded). These do not show up when I open with photoshop (I understand that you have to squeeze the image in so that it looks elongated, but then Android stretches it out to fit the key size)...

Thanks again to everyone who has been so helpful!

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