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Help My phone never vibrates....


Nov 15, 2009
My Droid never vibrates, ever. No matter if it is set to vibrate only, silent, or max sound. It doesn't vibrate for calls, texts or for anything. I set vibrate on for both, calls and texts - and it never vibrates. I temporarily installed other apps to see if the phone is physically able to vibrate, and it is. I am not sure if I am missing an option, or if there is a software malfunction.

Does anybody know what the problem could be?
may seem minor to some, but this is a HUGE disappointment for me. I'll have to deal with the vib+ring for now.

Marcelo M.: Hi, my name is Marcelo M.. How may I help you?
eric : when i set droid to vibrate, i dont recieve text or email notifications
Marcelo M.: Yes, that is how the phone works
eric : on vibrate you cant recieve alerts?
Marcelo M.: If you go to Sounds & Display
eric : with droid in my pocket, i will only recieve a vibrate when someone is calling me, i will never know if i get texts or emails
Marcelo M.: There is a notification ringtone
eric : yes, i have that option set. however when i change droid to vibrate, i recieve NO notification
eric : i would just like audio for texts when set on ring, and vibrate for texts when set on vibrate. this isnt a possible feature?
Marcelo M.: No Sir, I am sorry
eric : will this be possible on another update? something simple such as this just doenst make sense.
Marcelo M.: I will have this forwarded to our engineering dept in order to have this corrected in the next software update
eric : Thank You. Happy holidays!
Marcelo M.: You too!
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