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New sense....


Android Enthusiast
Sep 11, 2010
Hi all.

Recently, I saw someone running a launcher that was effectively a mock of the new sense UI on the desire HD and desire Z phones. However, before people say so, it was definitely not the ported rom. I do not want to install the buggy rom from these devices. I am just wondering how these people did it?

Ultimately, I just want the different coloured sense bars and shape's, ie. flat and not curved. I think they did it with ADW or something but cannot find how to or any information on this anywhere. I thought maybe I could just add it as a custom dock in launcher pro, but the icons aren't in the correct place for these... Maybe I got this wrong and they were running the ported roms, but i'm pretty sure it was something to do with a launcher theme? Anyway....

So any advice, help or knowledge is appreciated.


Edit - Like this... but obviously this is the actual rom so not identical.



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