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Help Phone wont connect to PC


Jul 23, 2012
I tried everything, its not the usb chord. I plug it into my computer, and all it does is charge. That's it. I tried going into setting and changing it, but it didn't work. It's getting frustrating. I even rebooted the the phone, and changed it to factory settings. Still doesn't work. Is something wrong with the phone inside? or what? It used to work but now it doesnt
Thank you guys, although its not the cable i appreciate the feedback! I'm just going to use an adapter for my sd card...although i know it can be a hassle its better than nothing at all
When you plug phone into computer, do you get a prompt on your phone as to either charge only, mount as disk drive etc?
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I know this thread is from a couple months ago, but the same issue happened with my boyfriend's phone. He just got it last week and on Saturday I plugged in the usb cable to the phone to transfer music on it for him, worked just fine. The next day I try and nothing happens.
No "connect usb" thing pops up on the phone like it did the first time- just charges the battery.

I mean, could the cord seriously have just gone "defective" that quickly?
>_> Just really odd.
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