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Help phone wont turn on. pa pa please help


Jul 10, 2013
My phone is doing a loop thing on boot up. Samsung galaxy s 2 (t-mobile).
I did a factory reset on it and then it started the loop. flashes the samsung then it says the logo with galaxy s 2, then it has the android guy flat on his back and it say verifying internal MMC block. checksum configuration -> check (0) no need checksum configruation already executed.
#manual mode#

What does this mean?? I am at a total loss.

can anyone help me please?

I remember reading somewhere at one point, depending what firmware your on, there was a emmc bug that bricks the s2 during a factory reset. Can't remember the exact details (for non root users)

Yeah, I remember the brick bug now. Caused by flashing a certain kernel on a phone with the defective EMMC chip from what I understand.
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