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[Poll] You gonna jump ship?

Next phone?

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Probably another Android, but it's a ways away. Unless the IPhone gets a keyboard, I'm not getting it. And I'm taking a hard look at WP7, but I don't really see how it's any better than Android. With Froyo and Motoblur, I really can't think of any particular MS Exchange/MS Office syncing functionality that I'm missing, and since I don't currently and don't want to use Facebook, XBox, and Zune, I really don't see any point in a WP7 phone.
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So far I have faith in android. What it doesnt do now, it will do in time as the software and apps continue to be created. Nothing it doesnt do is determined or imposed by the OS or the company policies. I think it is a safe bet and good investment. Apple on the other hand, will have to go a long long way before i even consider one of their products worthy of being picked up and even tentatively inspected for its potential worth, user-prerogative functionality, basic function accommodation. $500 novelty items are very unbecoming, even if you can afford them.
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More interesting than that - where did the dumbphone vote come from? I couldn't ever live with a dumbphone again

I haven't voted in the poll, but I can see where that vote came from. My next upgrade is in 15 months and I'll be honest - I'd consider a dumbphone. It'd be nice to save the $$ each month. Don't get me wrong, my Ally is great and it does neat stuff, but I can't honestly say I "need" any of it's features.
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I still have about under 2 years left on my contract as I early-upgraded to my Captivate in July, I'll probably grab the newest high-end android phone that is out at that time for AT&T.

That is if AT&T gets on board with Android and starts taking as seriously as Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile are.

My next phone will definitely be Android, but I might jump ship over to Verizon. They are taking Android way more seriously than AT&T is at the moment.
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