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Root Problem Receiving Calls with CyanogenMod


Jan 24, 2010
I'm loving this Cyanogen software but I'm having one weird problem.

When I receive a phone call, instead of the person's name/number appearing on the screen, the screen just stays black. Occasionally, it will finally bring up the caller's name/number after 5+ seconds but sometimes it doesn't bring it up at all.

If I hit the power button, I see the information flash on the screen for a very brief amount of time (less than a second) and then it goes away again.

Any ideas?
Do this test (helps to have a friend who can call you):

Turn your screen on and unlock the lock screen.
Have your friend call your phone. See anything? Or does the screen go blank?

If it goes blank, is the screen still on showing a black screen? Or did it really turn off? A dark room should help here.

Next, turn the screen off. Have your friend call you.
Does the screen come on and remain black? Or does it stay off?
When you then press power, you say you can see the info for 1 sec, right?

Here's what I've noticed: When I'm on a long call (often for work), and I'm on speakerphone, my screen will turn off after 2 min, according to my settings. When I then press power, say, to mute the phone, I only have a window of a few seconds to do so before the screen shuts off again. I finally figured out why. The lock screen is behind the dialer screen, and my lockscreen timeout is set to 5 seconds.

So.... check what your lockscreen timeout is set to. That might fix part of your problem. Still a mystery why the phone doesn't auto come on when a call comes in.
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Hi Guys,
Thanks for the messages.

I did try a couple of things to rectify the problem. Two in particular seemed to make a difference, I'm not sure if one of them made a bigger difference over the other.

1. I unloaded Skype. My logic was that Skype is basically an alternative dialer and maybe it was interfering with the standard dialer.

2. Changed my minimum CPU frequency to 384 (from 245). This was on a recommendation from another site.

Anyhow, I'm not sure which one seemed to make the most difference but it appears that the phone has worked well the past few hours.

Novox, I did try your test that you recommended. The phone is now performly perfectly in all the different scenarios (i.e. screen off, screen on, etc). I didn't see your message prior to making the two changes above to know if it would have failed prior to that. My guess is that it would have. However, I don't believe that there was a "dimmed" version of the screen because I know that I've experienced the problem in dark rooms before where I would have seen a 5% lighted screen.
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