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Help Put a File in a Home Screen Folder

I am trying to put pdfs that I downloaded via USB into a folder on the home screen.

I am running ICS.
Have created a folder on the home screen.
Have installed Astro file manager.

Long press on the home page only shows wallpaper options.
I do not see shortcuts.

Anyone know how I should proceed?
Using Astro, I tried finding the folder I created on my home screen. No luck. Astro reports folder not found.
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I ended up installing ES File Explorer, navigated to the folder containing the PDFs, long press on that folder, a popup is displayed with several options, scroll down to shortcuts and select that. That folder now appears on the home page.
With that I uninstalled astro.

For an OS that is supposed to be easy to use, I took me 3 weeks and countless hours reading posts and looking at u-tube videos. ICS took away options from the home screen long press that made all that advice irrelevant.

Its been quite a frustrating experience.
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