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Root ROM Flashing/Restoring Issues



Looks like I may be out of the 1+1 game for a while, my touchscreen is unresponsive & I can't get past the WELCOME TO CYANOGENMOD screen before it reboots, wash, rinse, repeat...... :(

Ditto w/other ROMS as well.

Been at it for a couple hours, nothing is working.

Gonna try to install stock recovery/ROM tomorrow,see if that does the trick.

If I may CK, I could use your expertise in reverting to stock recovery/ROM via fastboot & or recovery sometime later today/or AYC, just PM me.
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Unzip the file in your ADB/SDK folder, boot your phone into fastboot and run flash-all.bat. It will do all the work for you.

The reason I like this method is that it works just like a Nexus device, so it's pretty reliable.

I'm using the command fastboot flash flash-all.bat & I'm getting unknown partition "flash-all.bat
error: cannot determine image filename for flash-all.bat'

I am able to change recoveries using commands,but,can't get a ROM to load up.

I still have a CARBON ROM backup on the phone & it boots to it,but,I can't navigate,or even pull down the notification bar.After about ten seconds the bootloop begins again.

Screen is totally unresponsive.

Once I've exhausted all possibilities,I guess I'll be contacting 1+ for RMA instructions.

BTW,once this troubleshooting is concluded,I'll move this discussion into its own thread,same neighborhood,different house........ ;)
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The run flash-all.bat "is an unrecognized command" is what I'm getting.

Clicking on flash-all.bat results in error: cannot open for each item.

I've already submitted a ticket,may take up to 10 days to get a response per OnePlus.

If you'd like,we can continue this troubleshooting AYC/another time.
I have two other phones,so,no rush.

I do hope that OnePlus is a bit quicker than 10 days on response time.
I let them know that I've pretty much covered/exhausted the bases as for reasonable troubleshooting,reaching out to the community as per their recommendation.
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My bad--was up really late last night when I made that last post. The word "run" isn't supposed to be there, just type "flash-all.bat".

Are all the files from the zip file and flash-all.bat in your ADB-SDK folder? Alternately, you could issue the commands yourself:
fastboot flash modem NON-HLOS.bin
fastboot flash sbl1 sbl1.mbn
fastboot flash dbi sdi.mbn
fastboot flash aboot emmc_appsboot.mbn
fastboot flash rpm rpm.mbn
fastboot flash tz tz.mbn
fastboot flash LOGO logo.bin
fastboot flash boot boot.img
fastboot flash cache cache.img
fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
fastboot flash system system.img
fastboot flash userdata userdata_64g.img
fastboot oem lock (Only if you want to relock the bootloader.)
fastboot reboot
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Will try that in a bit, taking a break.
Tried another toolkit just for the hell of it & got the touchscreen to work sorta:

Flashed stock recovery/22R ROM, got a persistent AUDIO FX f/c.

Managed to navigate to SETTINGS > APPS to attempt to disable AUDIO FX, but, that didn't work.
Then, managed to get into developer options to enable ANDROID/USB debugging & uncheck the auto update to CM Recovery.

Flashed back to TWRP & a MAHDI ROM backup using fastboot & ADB via recovery.
Ended up with an unresponsive touchscreen once again.

Very weird stuff going on here.
If you have any suggestions, I'm all ears.... :)
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My bad--was up really late last night when I made that last post. The word "run" isn't supposed to be there, just type "flash-all.bat".

Are all the files from the zip file and flash-all.bat in your ADB-SDK folder? Alternately, you could issue the commands yourself:

OK,this seems to be going in the right direction,the flash-all.bat command (accepting the commands per each line this time) but,looks like some things are missing.

Gonna try the XDA OP's link again,& if not successful,I'll try the CYANOGEN official fastboot zip link.
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OK,back to a single persistent error (AUDIO FX)

Gonna flash each item manually,but,gonna take a break.
I'm hoping flashing the emmc_appsboot.mbn takes care of the AUDIO FX error.

Do I need to start all over w/the commands,or,just add to/pick-up where I left off in fastboot?
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Dang, K!
Sorry to hear about your troubles!
I had to revert to stock once, and found success with one of the tool sets and the official CM download.
I'll be watching to see how this goes for you. Good luck.

It's cool,THX for the support though.
I'll keep y'all posted,prolly late tonight,or tomorrow.Starting to make too mant typos in command,time to melt in front of the idiot box & decompress...... :D
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Well,I did the line-by-line fastboot & ADB via recovery of various ROMS,including a COLOR O/S ROM that never booted,still having various persistent f/c's with AUDIO FX/EXCHANGE SERVICES/systemui/GALLERY.

Gonna throw in the towel,flash stock recovery & ROM & ship it off to OnePlus whenever they get back to me.
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As long as they don't try to charge a fee for restoring it, for replacement (not counting shipping fees, already know that's on me), I'll be OK.

Only reason I wanted to restore to stock (succeeded) is even though flashing ROMS supposedly doesn't void warranties, a disclaimer of sorts was posted by admin in the OnePlus COLOR 2.0 thread, stating that the warranty isn't voided, but, if it's bricked by the ROM, fees may be added to the repair.
Sounds like a bit of talking out of both sides of their mouth, as the thread/ROM was posted by admin.
Not ranting against OnePlus, just stating why it may be wise to flash to stock (if possible) before shipping a device out for RMA.
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I know it was posted here as a suggestion but I may be blind/ignorant to see where you confirmed you did a factory reset. Good luck with your RMA sir.

Definitely worth pointing out, as it's always a step in the troubleshooting process, definitely before flashing a new ROM or, re-flashing the same.
I didn't mention it, but, yes, I did perform a factory reset, many, many times, in between flashing various ROMS.
I honestly don't know what happened to the phone.
I was switching between backups & the problems started.

Reminded me a bit of the 1st night I had my OPPO FIND N1:

I accidentally blew out everything, the O/S that shipped w/the phone. But, I was able to load up a CM 11 nightly via USB OTG & was up & running in no time.

Haven't heard back from OnePlus yet, & don't expect to for another week or so. Their timetable was 10 days, we'll see how it goes........
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Yeppers.Just flashed the 38R zip that CafeKampuchia posted in the GP forum.

I'm gonna run stock for a couple days or so,then unlock/root keep stock for a while,long enough to realize the benefits of the 38R update.

If anything, I'll probably go back to CM11 Nightlies as my daily driver.
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