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Root Rom Manager problems


Android Enthusiast
Dec 23, 2009
Cleveland, Ohio
I finally decided to use ROM Manager. It seems like it is great and all but NOTHING is working.
1. Anytime I try to download any ROM it says an error has occured and the ROM is not downloaded.
2. One ROM finally worked and I cannot find the path to install other ROMS.
3. I finally downloaded cyanogen and there is no Market icon.:eek:

Any help??
#3: you need to install google apps (there's a checkbox for it) when installing a cyanogenmod rom


Assuming you got the paid version, everything should work. I have never heard of these issues with ROM Manager. I would suggest uninstallling and reinstallling.

What do you mean "path" to install other ROMs? If you did not get the paid version, majority of ROMs will be greyed out and unavailable, along with other features.
You probably need to give us more details.

Also, there is no reason to bump it after 3 hours on a Saturday night :D
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