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Root Rooted Evo


Oct 21, 2010
I rooted my phone today with unrevoked and it works great. There is a new system upgrade 3.29.651.5 n I try to install it and when it was rebooting this pic came up? . The green android with the yellow exclamation mark. What does it mean? Should I do upgrade? Or uninstall it. I was able to take battery off and restart phone and its working fine


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Thank you guys for the response. I dont know if I lost root or not and i dont know how to check. I do know that I have free tethering and I used it after the incident and it seemed like it work fine. I didnt finish installing the update. so its ok i guess if im still rooted.

On the second post you said just to do the update and do the unrevoke again? So if the little android comes out again do I just leave it like that and let it update itself?

Once again thanks for all the help guys
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In order for you to accept the Update, you'll have to UNROOT your device. You should still have Superuser privileges on your device (check for a SU icon in your app drawer) if the update didn't install.

More than likely if you attempt to do the update again, it will not go through. In the slim chance it does, you'll have to RE-ROOT your device since your ROOT Privilages will be removed with the update.

You also have the option to wait for a Developer to create an altered Image of the update for you to Flash to your device if nothing else works.
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Yeah you cant update, you might as well turn it off.

Every current ROM on XDA should be based off of the most recent code. If you want bone stock then myn opened up the stock rom like a day after it was released. These guys are baller like that: xda-developers - View Single Post - [ROM] OTA_Supersonic_3.29.651.5 [ROOTED] [DEODEXED] [SIGNED]

Or, if you are looking for something different, Im running this:
xda-developers - View Single Post - [ROM] OTA_Supersonic_3.29.651.5 [ROOTED] [DEODEXED] [SIGNED]
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