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Root Rooting and Warranty question


Jun 3, 2010
It's my first time thinking about rooting my evo.
It has been great for a year and I feel like my phone needs to step-up this time.
I have read through instruction and saw it said rooting will void it's warranty.
I purchased my phone from BB with BB warranty on the phone.
I want to know if there's anyway I can unroot after I root my phone, so they can't detect that I have rooted.
If someone can tell me how to...
I will appreciate !

Thank You
yeah i had to take my phone in because it would reboot randomly for no reason. so i unrooted and had them take a look at it and they gave me a refurbished one which i then was rooted in like ten minutes or so. it is a super easy process and the sprint techs could not tell the difference. so i would not worry about your phone and warranty and such rooting your phone. it is pretty super hard to brick your phone. i think that the rewards to being rooted definitely out weighs the risks of bricking your phone. sooo go ahed and get your root on!!!!!
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