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Did NOT get shipped today... third time they did this, tell me a date and didn't happen. When I went online to chat, they gave me a bunch of excuses, this time he said between 27th and March 3rd. When I signed up on the 16th I was told in 2-5 business days, on the 23rd for sure. Isn't this grounds for breaking the contract I signed as I won't have the phone in time for my vacation I'm leaving on this weekend. If phone comes then it will get sent back as I have to sign for it. All phones are paid for so I want to leave T-Mobile now... sick of runarounds.
Wow this reminds me of the hassle with the nexus 6, my wife ordered mine as soon as it became available, she order it I think in either October or November 2014 it was supposed to be a Christmas gift, I didn't end up getting it till the end of January, first of February. I remember reading that some people waited till June of 2015 for their's
Recently I have been to a few Verizon stores and the only phones they had where budget samsung phones, one had a Z fold flip but if you wanted any of the flagship devices it would be 7-10 days
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