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Help Samsung Note 8 (sm-n950n) not turning on, and not charging after trying update the firmware


Jan 10, 2023
Hello my good people, I just received a Samsung note 8 from a friend of mine, he was trying to update firmware but instead, the process failed, now the phone shows only a black screen, no charging, and no turning on at all....any help to resolve this issues will be grateful. Thanks
With Samsung devices, the recommended way to flash firmware is with the Odin or the Heimdall utility. If the first time failed, try flashing it again. If that works out then you should be good to go, but if it fails, come back here and post the text of the entire resulting log results.
Is your friend sure they used the correctly matching ROM? ROMs are very model specific so flashing the incorrect version will often result in a boot loop or a complete fail. Flash using the correct ROM should fix that.
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