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Screen broke, CLIQ fell on ground


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Dec 15, 2009





It still works though. If anyone wants to read my blog entry on my website, feel free to visit here (MODs can remove the link if they feel it is spam).
It sure does look to be a glass screen so then it may not flex at all if ever put in a pants pocket.

Lesson learned the hard way: If you put it in your pocket, put the screen side IN. I broke the screen on my Sidekick when it was in my pocket and got knocked. Luckily it wasn't a touch screen and I could replace it. Easier to replace the battery cover if needed.

I bought a case on ebay and try to make sure my Cliq is either in my hand or in the case... even around the house.....
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Just file an insurance claim. If you dont have insurance, get it and wait a few days before claiming.

Yeah I have the insurance but like I said its has only been 4 days. I hate to use the insurance and pay like $150 or whatever when its just the outer glass. I was hoping for a cheaper route lol and save the insurance for when the phone breaks more seriously. Thanks though.
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