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Root SD card problems


Android Enthusiast
Sep 30, 2010
Portland, OR
Put in a wintec 16GB class 10 a few months ago,everything has been normal, then about a week ago, I lost all the info on my sd card and didnt even realize it until I went to look at some pics, somehow it formatted itself without me knowing.... So I was like ok, i'll just assume that was a fluke lol, but now about a week later since that first unwanted formatting, it has done it again and this time I get a notification that says "sd card damaged" and it doesnt even think it is mounted....I've tried pulling the sd and re-installing, that doesnt seem to do anything. Any advice? Thanks
I'm on the latest CM7 release
yeah i had a similar situation where my card would not mount according to my phone and so i could not access my card. i just wiped dalvik cache and cache and that seemed to do the trick.

Thanks, hat didnt work either, will reformat right now, but I'm trying to figure out how to keep this from happening in the future, unless I just really do have a bad Sd card, but I have heard of others having this prob on cm7...?
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