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Should I root and flash a custom rom?


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Jan 21, 2011
Birmingham UK
I can't decide.

I had an HTC Desire, which was plagued with the low internal memory issue. I got round it by rooting, repartitioning the internal memory, adding an ext 4 partition to the SD card and flashing a custom rom (Mildwild.) In the end the phone worked a treat. My wife now has it and prefers it to her old iphone.

I upgraded and got a SGS2. The thing is everything seems to work fine out of the box. It's on ICS, and I believe JellyBean is on it's way. I didn't like HTC sense on the desire, which is why I went with an AOSP rom. But the SGS2 doesn't use sense anyway so to be honest I'm struggling to find a reason to try another rom.

Is it worth voiding my warranty? Being new to the SGS2 is there anything I'm really missing out on by not flashing a custom rom? The only thing bugging me at the moment (and there's probably an answer for it if I look) is that if I put the phone into silent mode the camera still makes the shutter sound when I take a picture.

So, what am I missing by staying stock?
From what I'm aware, you can only get rid of the camera sound by rooting....

However, from what you have described, I'd be tempted to say you don't need to root, but it depends on if you enjoy the extra customisation through themes and extra tweaks to help with battery life or performance!

It really comes down to your choice, the s2, from what I've gathered, has improved greatly on previous phones with the ability to screenshot and larger internal memory etc...

But the greatest thing is, its your choice!

Personally I eventually did root a few months back!
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I took the plunge about a week ago and don't regret it. Lots of things got resolved or work much better now:

- My GPS was very poor in finding a 'fix' (took ages), now it works even better than my Tom Tom, even indoors.
- Could not use MTP connection to PC, this is now solved.
- I can now back up the entire system (nandroid) in recovery mode.
- Before, I had lots of apps force closing on me, this now belongs to the past.

Btw, I'm on SlimICS ROM, it's the fastest ICS experience around.
Here's a Link

The only thing I really miss is FM Radio. If anyone has a solution for this I'd be much grateful.
BTW I use the SlimICS ROM, it's
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