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so im ready for a new phone....

Or wait a little more for the Droid Prime, and compare it to the Bionic. If your want off of Verizon, the Galaxy S2 is great, and there's some other, significantly larger, phones coming from Samsung in the near future. If you're not in a rush, now is a great time to be choosy.
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The Bionic is not the quality piece the X is. Lots of issues. Forget it as a media player unless you like lots of hiss. Netflix is horrible too. Earpiece ain't to hot either. The screen is ok but not as good as the X. Battery life is ok too if you dial back some settings. Oh and three call drops today. The X didn't drop one per month. 10-20Mbps though. Not sure what to do with that speed. Some people report loss of 3G. I Haven't had that. It was stuck in 1X for a bit today. Not sure what issues can be fixed with an update but it's going to be a long two years of not recommending this phone if they can't be fixed. :(
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If he is coming from an X and iphone 4, the Bionics screen will make him blind. Pentile is horrible. I say look for another phone that does not have pentile display.

I had the Bionic for 3 days and I'm going back to X, but my decision has absolutely nothing to do with pentile. To notice any sort of cross-hatching, these people must literally have their eyes millimeters from the screen.
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On the Bionic for almost a week now and I have had 0 issues. Media works great for me, bluetooth while I am jogging and mowing and plugged in while in the car, I have had nothing but excellent play back. I noticed the screen at first, but I have gotten use to it and it is not bad at all. I really enjoy the brightness of the screen while even on the minimum setting. I don't have 4G yet, told by the end of November. However I have noticed that I am getting 2x to 3x more speed up and down than I was getting on my X. Battery life with the setting locked on 3G is a little better than the X, but the battery is also a little bigger. The dual processor just makes the phone fly. Another plus I have noticed it the GPS, before I would not get a lock in my office at work and now, within seconds I have a lock in my office. Also I took some video this weekend in 1060p and it is amazing. Also being able to plug in an HDMI cable and watch netflix on the TV and see it on the phone is great.

Overall this is a nice upgrade from the X. I really like the motorola phones as IMO they are the best built phones. I know they are locked down, but they are still the best money can buy. The way I am looking at this now is I have started the clock towards my next great phone when it comes out down the road.

I would not say the Bionic is a bad phone and is actually a nice upgrade over the X.
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