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to put my HTC Droid Eris to rest...this thing has been a PITA from the start!!

My husband and I were in to our local Verizon store today to check on our plan and to see what they had to say about the Bionic.

We found that we CAN keep our current data unlimited plan!!! I am really happy to hear that we won't have to jump over to their tiered pricing!! We were also told that the Bionic would release on Thursday and they weren't sure about how many phones will be available at release.

Needless to say my husband will be visiting the store upon opening on Thursday!! Can't wait...and so happy we aren't going to have to switch our plan.

I am hoping the Labor Day weekend makes this coming week FLY by!!

HA! I am hoping "man" was a general term. :) Doesn't phase me...

Twas a general term.

I don't often read usernames, but I do look at avatars. I suggest getting one!

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