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Someone help please :{

I bought my moto droid about a week ago, but loved it intil two days ago . The problem is it keeps deleting my pictures and ringtones, they just go away randomly over the pass two days. Does anyone know how to fix this? - thank you:(

Are they disappearing from the sd card or are they disappearing from an app you are using to view them? If it is an app, what is the name of the app?
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Yes, you should take it into a VZW store and let a tech have a look.

I've had a few issues w/ my phone and I had to factory reset it twice (my first smartphone, there's a learning curve). Both times, I never lost anything on my SD card. It will basically put it back in the mode it was when you pulled it out of the box the first time. It will erase just about every app that's not pre-installed on the phone.

To do this go to Settings > Privacy > Factory data reset
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