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Help Stuck Huawei y 300 symbol on my screen

The Huawei logo stuck on my screen and am failing to use the phone.

The distributors Organge shop in Kampala Uganda says its a software problem and they told they have activated but the problem still persisting.

I bought the phone on 29/09/2014 but am not enjoying the services please help.

Dennis Gwesere
From the last few days this phone is giving the headache to me too.

Try this method for resetting to factory defaults:
1. Turn off the phone.
2. Press the up volume button for 10 seconds.
3. Still pressed now press the power button and keep the up volume button pressed for another 10 seconds.
4. Now release, and you will have the options on your screen.
5. Use the Up and down volume keys for navigation and power button for the selection of you option.

Factory reset will remove everything and will turn it to zero meter :) so save your data first if you have any.
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