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Root Stupid Rom Question


Aug 8, 2010
I am thinking about rooting my droid eris, but I have a question about the rom. I was thinking about using the Cyanogen Mod (Cupcake), but do i have to download one that is specific to the droid eris, or can i just download one from any site - Thank you
Welcome to the forums Galatia.

Like the guys said above.

Here's the link to the dev's site and threads for the various Eris ROMs:

Droid Eris Android Development - xda-developers

The ROM threads will all start with "[ROM]" at the beginning of the thread name. You might have to search through several (or many) pages since the pages are listed by most recent update first. There's lots of good (and great ROMs) out there, so, read through the threads over there and over here at AF to see what people are saying about them.

Also, there is a "Display Options" section on the XDA forum and if you 1) sort by thread title, 2) use a descending sort order, 3) show threads from the beginning, then all of the "[ROM]" threads will show up started on about page two (and going until page 4).

Good luck!
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