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Help touch screen wont work while plugged in

i cant imagine why it would surface all of a sudden,either,unless something has just happened to the wall plug in part of the charger,causing varied voltages. every touch screen phone ive had has had that issue-with varying degrees of tollerance of being able to use cheap ebay chargers ;)
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When I switched to some after market USB cords, I started having this problem. No problems when using the stock or other USB cords.

As folks have mentioned, this is more common than you'd think. It happened to my iPhone as well, with about half of the aftermarket USB cords I tried. Stock was always fine, as were *some* of the aftermarket.

So if your stock Tbolt USB cord isn't working, it's worth at least trying one that you buy off the shelf from your local electronics store. If one of THOSE works, it may just be that the individual stock cord you got is flaky. If the new one doesn't work either, might need to see if it's something more serious.
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