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Transitioning from PALM to HERO


Dec 9, 2009

I have gotten tired of waiting for palm to get with the program and create a new 3g phone for at&t...got lured into hero...and like it but am having trouble transitioning. i have done the sync with google and have all my memos under contacts...and my contacts are a mess...i know if i put in the time and clean it up..it will be helpful..howerver, i'm missing epocrates, my todo list, the accessibility to enter txt into the calendar without going thru so many steps...so many things about palm that were intuitive and easy are not so easy and require so many more steps on the hero...the same problem i had with iphone.

my question:any one else found an easy way to transition between palm and hero?? any tips or advice on how to make things easier...apps for to do lists that have similar notifications as they were on palm...anything to have the best of both worlds??

any advice would be appreciated.


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