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turned off Sense UI, got a faster eris

was debating of returning my eris b/c is was so laggy at some points. googled turning off sense ui. i tried it and i am getting a much better response from my phone now. even after a manual update of the OS, it was still laggy as before. if you don't mind not having sense, it is great. has anyone tried this? i haven't been running w/o sense for a while and about to go to bed, but i will try more apps tomorrow. don't know if this has been covered.
nowhere in this thread is "form factor" being mentioned. so..........?
The fact that I have to explain this is telling.

You said:
one of the main selling points to getting the eris over the droid is having the sense UI. if you don't want it, get a droid.
Another main selling point is form factor, therefore, telling someone to get a Moto Droid instead of the Eris based on your "main selling point" comment is ridiculous as there are clearly other reasons to own an Eris besides Sense UI.

A little clearer for you now?
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Is this more resource-effective than simply running the Home Switcher app to set the vanilla 1.5 as your default home? Even if your method squeezes more speed from the Eris, anyone considering this should download Home Switcher first because the vanilla 1.5 android is pretty blah, IMHO. Of course, your proprietary HTC apps are still working. People is still exactly the same and it runs in the background and gives you the same notifications.
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It looks pretty much exactly like the Droid....

it looks crappy.

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