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Root Virtual Machine Suspended in LGMobile Support Tool FIX BRICKED CONNECT 4G


Oct 19, 2011
UPDATE - 4/25/2012
Phone updated , will update vm link and post here

This may be a rather large request, because of the time involved.

but iam out a 300 dollar phone until someone can do this for me and a few other users.

What you will need to do
1. Install Vm Player
2. Install tiny or mini windows XP (should be around 100 mbs)
3. Install the LGMobile Support Tool
4. Install the Lg CONNECT 4G DRIVERS (located in lg mobile support tool)
5. put your phone into downloader mode

a. Connect your phone via usb cable
b. Pull the battery out of the phone
c. Press and Hold volume up / volume up / and the power button at the same time
d. At the same time you are holding the buttons, put the battery back in.
e. your phone will now be in downloader mode

6. Click on start update
7. it will check your phone sw version and start downloading the update
8. As the update is downloading suspend the virtual machine and disconnect your phone (phone will not be damage, because the flashing never started)
9. upload virtual machine files (located in my documents) to a website
10. post link here
11. Save my phone, and many others

hmm guess what I wanted to do the exact same thing I hope it will work though unfortunately my connect cant do the update restore trick. Hopefully someone will be able to upload a image mater of fact I will see if my friend will let me borrow his phone and I will try this if it works I will upload the image great post man. Lol I didn't wanna post this cuz people would of probably think im stupid or something but your post is a great help.
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ya its because the phone sw version is not matching up with the updater tool. (even though it is reading as the older version)

This is common with referb phones from what others have told me and some of the newer connect 4gs.

i could use downloader mode on my other connect 4g and i did it all the time, when i was seeing what all i could delete in the system apps folder.

Unfortunately , that phone had bad problem with over heating
one day it got so hot i could barley touch it and the charging port died at the same time.

Lg sent me this phone, but the downloader mode is 100% screwed on it, i wish i knew this before i started playing around in the system folder again.

(it keeps saying the phone is up to date, even though it is the older firmware)
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No, i dont have cwm

i didnt like it, because it likes to get stuck in cwm.

Didnt really see the point, because i thought down loader mode would work like it did on my other connect 4g.

but my charging port burned out on it when the phone got EXTREMELY HOT.

I never had a problem using downloader mode on my other connect 4g, i could use it multiple times infact.

But when lg sent me this phone, it just refuses to flash at all, EVEN when it is on version zv8

The sw version arnt matching up with the tool for some reason.

I dont understand why they dont let you just force a freaking flash.

it would save them from getting returns.

and yes, i deleted files in the system/apps folder

thinking i could restore
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I tried adb shell, but i dont get any connection to it.

Not in downloader mode
Charge Mode
Attempting to boot
Or during a hard reset

the only thing that detects the phone at all is lg mobile update tool

But it says this phone is already up to date(its not)

or if you try it though the recovery option it says....
This model does not support sw update
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54% so far so good :) let you know when update is complete



Sent you $30, just because i was in good mood

Will re upload, and post link here later for everyone

If i have too i will re install as trial

or developer preview of windows 8, so they dont remove link
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