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Help wallpaper sizing issue


Android Expert
Feb 9, 2011
I'm not quite sure how to explain this so i'll do the best I can. When you go into your gallery to set a picture as a wallpaper it brings you to a "resize" window where it allows you to select the amount of picture to use.

Now I have put 3 additional pictures on my phone to use as wallpaper. The pictures are the max resolution of 854X480 and they are in .jpg format. Now my issue is when it wants me to resize the photo. It wants to resize way smaller than the whole picture.

The yellow box centers in the picture and won't increase in size so I can use the whole picture. Other pictures I have in the same resolution and format will let me select the whole picture. Am I doing something wrong here?

EDIT: I have tried this going through the gallery selecting wallpaper and the sd card going right to the picture in the folder with the same result.


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