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Root Weird date designation for nandroid backup


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Apr 14, 2011
Turn around...
I recently flashed Destroyer to my phone and it was working great for about a day and a half. During this time, I customized it with all the apps, widgets and settings as I wanted them; I even did the GPS fix for the first time and it worked great. In other words, I flashed everything correctly, including the gapps zip (didn't flash a kernel tho).

The bad news was that it didn't last. As I mentioned, I was only able to show off my new Rom for a day and a half before it started "acting up." My first indication of this was that I couldn't long press on my desktop in order to bring up the Add to Home Screen box and, various applications started to force close automatically.

So, I booted into recovery, did a nandroid back up, reflashed a different ROM (Myn's Warm 2.2) and it restored everything back to how I had it set up with Myn's perfectly - no problems there. I rebooted into recovery again hoping to restore the previous Destroyer nandroid backup (I'm using CW) and, here's where it gets weird, when I went to my restore list I noticed something odd: usually nands are formated in a "year.month.day.hour.minute.second" format but, my last nandroid, the Destoryer, was dated thusly: 1980., ???? Did I go back in time or something? I attempted to restore the Rom but could only get so far as the boot animation screen. :-(

I'm assuming that I must've corrupted the restore file somehow. So, after a lengthy post...has this ever happened to any of you, where you get a different date entirely?


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