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Root Whts the Best ROM for LG Ally?

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quoted for truth

it will also tell you to install or will automatically prompt you to install a program that will backup your current rom to the sd card, get that done successfully then root it with universal androot, then load the custom rom, then you can always switch back to original and unroot if needed easily

i ran the Velocity rom for a few days and honestly i switched back to stock and like it much better....Velocity has some nice features, but it was much slower than stock on my Ally
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Velocity .2 isnt public yet. Download 0.1.1 - You will need to preform a Data Wipe and Wipe your Dalvik Cache and Regular Cache in the recovery menu. You will loose your contacts and all settings but if you have your contacts synced to gmail then it shouldent be a problem. Pictures should be on you SD card so that will be fine.
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So this is what i did

I rooted my phone with the Universal Androot

Putted the Velocity zip file on the SD card (not in any folder)

I Downloaded Rom Manager as GRZLA told me so

I backed up my ROM

but everytime i try to INSTALL ROM FROM SD CARD

the phone just restarts and nothing happens =S
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yeah i didnt like it that much =S!!

I don't know what you "didn't like that much", but here's my opinion on the ROM situation:

I tried Velocity, and didn't like it. I don't like having DROID sounds and logos everywhere any more than I would want Apple logos and iPhone sounds. It's not a Droid.

So, what I did was go back to stock, root it, and remove a big pile of apps I don't use or want (Socialite, Amazon, Backup Assistant, CarHome, Facebook - though I installed it again from market, Enterprise Calendar, LG Home, MySpace, Visual Voicemail) and installed Launcher Pro (though it does come with Android Launcher too).

The result -- much faster phone *without* Droid artifacts all over. I don't know if it's as fast as Velocity, but it pleases me.

(No disrespect to Trident -- he does great work, the Droid thing just isn't for me).
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