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Root windows phone launcher

weird.... it didnt attach... ill try it from home tonight. prolly the stupid net nannys here, i connected muh device as a hard drive, to no avail

net nanny wont mess with your disk drive...?

I use imgur to upload pics, just grab the blahblah[img] one for likek web posts or whatever it says...

I email them to myself lol easier than usb and disk drive and drilling down and transferring blah blah blah
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why did it make me resize it to such an odd shape?


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Yeah I saw this on... maybe lifehacker. I grabbed the apk before a possible price jump lol. I'm not sold on it. It looks alright, but I guess I just don't see the appeal. I like customizing my homescreens too much lol. But it does show the diversity of android.

However, I would like to give it a full go at some point. Maybe use it for a few days, and see how it is then.

*Also, anyone interested in some very customizable widgets, check out minimalistic text, I just installed it today and have been spending tons of time making new widgets*
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