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htc desire 610

  1. KaapstadMK

    HTC Desire 610 Bootloop (Unrooted)

    For the last ~36 hrs, my phone has been in permanent bootloop. It will boot up to the homescreen, stay for ~ 30sec and then reboot, continuing until the battery runs out. I've taken out the battery and SIM. It still loops w/o the SIM. I have tried messing with the HBOOT screen, but I am unable...
  2. Takila

    Messaging Situation

    I can't get my phone to send or receive picture messages. Carrier straight talk. Please help me I really need my picture messages very important.
  3. Q

    Help Screen wont brighten

    Why is my htc desire 610 screen showing dim and wont brighten even if i turn up brightness
  4. Thana Niveau

    Help Mac Photos launches every time I connect my phone

    I asked this question on the MacRumours forum and no one could help, so I thought I'd try here. I just upgraded my iMac to OS X El Capitan and the new "Photos" app launches every time you plug in a new device (camera, phone, etc.). When it launches, there's usually a little area at the top of...
  5. S

    Help Photos wont save to gallery

    So I've had my phone for about a year and within the past 2-3 months, my phone has had this issue where whenever I take a picture or download a picture from anywhere, my phone tells me it has saved but it doesn't show up in my gallery and I have no idea what to do.
  6. D

    Help Insufficient memory

    I had TomTom GO installed on phone but after an update it refused to open. After removing I tried to redownload it but keeps saying insufficient memory. I removed all programs I installed and tried to install TomTom again, when I try to download maps I am still informed insufficient memory ...
  7. L

    Help Twitter Pictures saving on camera roll

    Hi guys When I save photos from Twitter they save in my Camera Roll. Anyone know how to change this? Thanks
  8. S

    Root HTC 612 S-off'd and rooted --FINE--Don't need help now

    Hello everyone, Sunshine finally supported my HTC 612, so of course I purchased it early this morning, and S-off worked beautifully. I got home after work today and installed king root. It actually succeeded! I was extremely happy. However in the directions for kingo it says not to use the...
  9. S

    Help Visual Voice Mail

    What is Visual Voice Mail supposed to do. According to AT&T, I have it enabled. the message I receive from VVM is no save emails found. Is this why my phone notification is screwed up some times I get a 1 on the phone icon, other times, there is no number and I find out after the fact that I...
  10. Gordon Morgan Childers

    Help HTC Desire 610 WiFi won't turn on!

    Hello, I have an HTC Desire 610 from AT&T. I got this phone from a friend and tried to turn the WiFi on, but it just turns off or never turns on. I have done a factory reset and still nothing. I'd love for this phone to use internet because it is a great phone, but the WiFi Button won't turn on...
  11. FishingforBears

    Help HTC Desire 610 AT&T Unlocked Mobile Hotspot/Tethering Help

    I am wondering if anybody can help me out I recently unlocked my phone from at&t and brought it to metro pcs. Everything is fine except the woman told me I won't be able to use mobile hotspot. My phone is rooted already and I'm trying to find a workaround for this network restriction. Any and...
  12. B

    Help Can I offload a Google Play book

    (My HTC Desire 610 is running Android 4.4.2, network is AT&T) It's my wife's phone. She purchased a novel from Google Play. Where did that file get stored, I wonder?? A related thread in this forum from August 2012 says it would be found under /Android/data/com.google.android.apps.books/. But...
  13. V

    Help No sound for notifications or alarms

    My phone hasn't been making sounds for alarms or notifications. When I select ringtones in the "sounds" settings, they don't even play there. On the volume levels screen, when you change the level, Ringtone and Music and Video play a little bit to show you what the new volume is. Again, alarms...
  14. AMOCO

    Root HTC Desire 610 Return To Stock (AT&T)

    Here is a link to return to stock for the HTC Desire 610 (AT&T) By;ClearD @ Xda: http://forum.xda-developers.com/desire-610/general/info-htcdev-unlock-root-t2844323
  15. R

    Help Spontaneous Micro USB Port Combustion!

    Apparently, a piece of lint had gotten lodged in the charger port on my phone. I plugged it into the car charger and suddenly it started to get very hot. The phone started malfunctioning and when I unplugged the charger, i found melted/burned fibers. The phone was functional afterward but the...
  16. B

    Help htc desire 610...micro usb to hdmi adaptor

    My dad had bought me a micro usb to hdmi adaptor and I've connected it up to my Tele with my usb to charge it and its recognising the hdmi is there but it's not regestering my phone, my dad said it's something to do with screen mirroring but I can't find it any where in my settings or on any...
  17. W

    Help Connecting to exchange server

    My brand new HTC Desire 610 fails to connect to my companies server. I've tried several things: 1. The most Obvious: I used Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync. The error I get is 'Connecting to Exchange Server failed. Check settings and try again.' I applied the correct settings (the same everybody...
  18. L

    Help Cant find app

    I downloaded an app today. I had to clear out space for it but had plenty of room for it afterwards. It was almost done and then told me there wasnt enough room for the app. Its not on my phone anywhere but its still taking up space. Any ideas how to find it or delete it or something? Its on the...
  19. G

    Root Updating with OTA File.

    Hello, I got an OTA File from HTC ( OTA_ZARA_CL_K44_SENSE55 ) that as you can see, will upgrade the phone to KitKat and Sense 5.5 However I have Philz Touch Recovery Version 6.12.8 updated to 6.19.3 Based on ClockworkMod Version When Updating, I getting an error on a file saying is...
  20. Y

    Help How to delete word from dictionary?

    Is it possible to delete a word that I mistakenly added to my dictionary without deleting the whole dictionary?
  21. T

    Help listening to the radio on an HTC 610 phone

    I want to listen to BBC Radio4 whilst working in the garden. The the radio app on the phone will only work with a headphone plugged in. I don't want to use headphones with wires as these get caught up and break. Can I use a Bluetooth headset and just plug any old wire into the phone jack socket...
  22. D

    SD card

    Hey guys. I recently bought this phone and it is beyond amasing. The only problem is that i know very few abt Android as i had Ios ( great exp btw) so i thought i should register on a forum like this as u guys know best. The problem i have is with my SD card i just bought. 1. It only...
  23. H

    Help I messed up my phone! :D. Failed Root.

    Well, I do feel incredibly stupid now for all this xD But I tried to root my HTC 610. Obviously, first I had to unlock the bootloader, which I am unsure if I did it properly. Then I tried three methods of rooting. The first didn't work (I cannot exactly remembered what I did during the first...
  24. T

    Root How to root hTC Desire 616

    I try all most every app which are currently using gain to root access for MTK device. But unfortunately there is no success. So my is there any way to gain "full/permanent" root access on this device? Device detail is below: Model number: hTC Desire 616 dual sim [D616h] {htc_asia_sea_wwe}...
  25. W

    Help Was it a bad move from samsung to htc regarding sd card

    My daughter has come from a Samsung Galaxy Ace to HTC 610,She sent over all her music and pictures from her Ace through bluetooth which has used alot of her internal storage but now looking on the net when she gets a sd card this week she wont be able to transfer her pictures and music over to...