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htc merge

  1. J

    Root [15/9/2014] Cm11.0 / Kitkat 4.4.4 [3.X kernel]

    I believe this release warrants a new thread as there are tons of changes from my previous buggy builds and uses a completely different kernel. If this is your main phone, please back up before continuing! Bugs: Camcorder (records, but format is screwed up) Video playback. Probably GPS (need...
  2. J

    Root [12/30/14] ICS Sense 3.5 [3.0.X kernel]

    ICS 3.5 Sense with 3.0 kernel port from HTC Incredible S (Vivo) As per GPL, my kernel source: https://github.com/jianC/kernel_htc_lexikon-3.0 I could not have done this with without the pioneering work of Flemmard, who was the first to port a 3.0 kernel to HTC Vision, and also Evervolv...
  3. J

    Root [Kernel][Sense][CM] Vivo based 3.0 kernel

    After months of awful bug hunting to fix the remaining Wifi and Gsensor problems, I am happy to announce the first 3.0 Sense/CM kernel for the HTC Merge. Working: -Wifi (tested bcm4329 and bcmdhd) -Gsensor/Compass -Lights -Audio -GSM (CDMA untested, but assumed working) -Touchscreen (Synaptics)...
  4. J

    Root CWM Recoveries [,,]

    Recoveries for the lexikon. I've had these sitting on dev-host for a while, until I realized that people don't know where to get them after 2fastroms disappeared. CWM PD42IMG.zip - 4.40 MB (flashable through bootloader) CWM recovery_lexikon_cwm-v6.0.1.2.img - 3.57 MB (flash...
  5. C

    Root Problem with cm9

    I am currently running the Fuzion rom from 2fastroms. I downloaded the cm9 and gapps and flashed them. My phone just stays stuck at the very first screen of bootup, doesn't even make it to the htc animation. I am rooted and S-OFF. Any clues as to what is happening. I tried to copy the boot.img...
  6. A

    Root I need help!

    I followed the guide on htcdev and unlocked bootloader for my htc merge. I then stupidly tried to flash cm 7 and i am not able to boot. I have a custom recovery installed on it, i am able to adb and can fastboot and get into recovery. I am out of ideas on what to do, and i can't download stock...
  7. J

    Root [20/12/2013] CM11 Android 4.4 KitKat [Beta 0.2]

    After a week of playing around with the source, I have finally ported KitKat to HTC Merge :) The rom is in BETA and is somewhat stable for daily use. Note: Future builds will be built as userdebug, instead of eng as it enables too many dangerous options. After a week of playing around...
  8. C

    Merge CDMA & GSM dual network standby support?

    Hello. Could somebody tell did merge support CDMA & GSM dual network standby. In settings -> mobile networks -> network mode i found an option "LTE/CDMA/EvDo/GSM/WCDMA" (CM9 by jianC). Did it mean dual stand by in cdma network and in gsm? Or i will need switch every time between GSM and...
  9. Z

    Root MIUI V4 For HTC Merge-28-10-13 - Unofficial

    This is the Rom for HTC Merge, porting from HTC Explorer and HTC Desire, is functional and stable Credits
  10. J

    Root [15/10/13] CM10.1 for HTC Merge (Android 4.2.2)

    This rom is still very ALPHA. Please do a backup before flashing. Flash at your own risk. What doesn't work: Videocamera Camera (works, but green tint, distorted line in image) Maybe sometimes random soft reboot/freeze/lags (enable zram 18% helps for me) Bluetooth ?? What works: Wi-fi...
  11. A

    Root S-OFF and ROOT on HTC Merge - US Cellular

    After working on my US Cellular Merge for many months, I think I have finally found a way to gain s-off and root on HTC Merge phones upgraded to USC's latest 2.3.4 update, which no other USC 2.3.4 root methods seem to work on. I have had no success with downgrading, so I have been working on the...
  12. J

    Root [4/09/13] CM9 for HTC Merge [Kernel: 2.6.35 EV]

    CM9 for HTC Merge. I'll keep this short and simple since there are very few people using the HTC Merge. Working Camera Camcorder (720p is buggy) GSM/CDMA Wi-Fi Audio Phone Calls GPS Bluetooth* Hardware Acceleration SDCard USB Mount Everything else Not Working MMS on certain CDMA carriers...
  13. F

    Root Bootanimation

    i came up with this boot animation ,its nice if you like it please fell free to ask
  14. J

    Root Help needed.

    I'm trying to collect data for existing panel types for all the variants of our phones so I can rewrite the panel for an upcoming 3.0 kernel. So far, the panel init code identifies 3 different types but chances are, not all of them are actually used. Could someone do me a favor and boot...
  15. TotB

    Root Merge help needed.

    My son brought home a HTC Merge and for some reason wants to try and fix it.... This is the situation: System: nTelos Root: No ADB: Debugging does not appear to be activated The phone boots past the HTC screen and appears to get into a corrupted version of Android. The screen doesn't...
  16. S

    Help Help please!

    Friend gave me his HTC Merge, but there is obviously something wrong it so i thought i could possibly try and fix it.. When i turn it on, in goes to the white screen that has the green "HTC" but after that, it just goes black.. I can access the boot menu and everything just fine. I've tried...
  17. Outlaw.99

    Picked up a pair of HTC Merge phones.

    I'm surprised a lot of apps still work with old 2.2... It's a shame VZW didn't do an update... Well now I have one to use, and one to test on...
  18. B

    Help Camcorder app?

    I have two different shortcuts on my camera. one is the camera, and the other is the camcorder. My camera works fine, although when i click the camcorder shortcut, it will not work. It opens up, and all the buttons are there, but it just closes by itself and goes straight to my homescreen. I...
  19. liamf1

    Root [rom][cdma/gsm] cm7

    This rom is 100% CM7 FROM SOURCE! What works: Mostly Everything Instructions: Flash Recovery Listed Below (OTHERS MIGHT NOT WORK!!!!) Boot into recovery and factory reset, also go into mounts and format system Flash Rom Flash Gapps When the rom starts, you'll enter your...
  20. Danielson2047

    Root Need stock RUU stat!

    Anyone know where i can find the stock RUU for the Merge on USCC? My friends' phone, its stuck on the htc boot screen. Familiar with how HTC's work, just need the damn file and cannot find it ANYWHERE online. Any help would be appreciated. She already tried a data wipe, didn't work...
  21. K

    Root Merge WiFi Tether

    hey all, i'm stuck with my merge, i can't seem to get the wireless tethering to work. is there any information available on what is needed to get the tethering to work?
  22. J

    Root Merge possibly bricked?

    Edit: This is a US Cellular HTC Merge Won't boot into anything but bootloader. Have unlocked bootloader via HTC, have tried to create a goldcard and load an image I found on this site. When i try to do fastboot usb and run the ruu from the pc, it starts to run, but gets to the "waiting for...
  23. scotty85

    Root unlock with htcdev

    i sometimes refer folks to my rezound guide in other forums,so i decided to make a slightly more "universal" version that i could replicate in other forums,so everyone has a dedicated guide,and there are not accidents with accidental application of rezound specific details or files. devices i am...
  24. H

    Help Need help with new phone's gallery?

    Hi guys, I've had my HTC Merge for over a year but it stopped working so I got a replacement. Right off the bat I noticed that things were different on this phone, like the fact that it has a few more options for alarm sounds and ringtones, and the camera seems nicer and clearer. I checked and...
  25. A

    Root Question???

    Can this phone be flashed to boost mobile???