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huawei ascend plus

  1. C

    Help Insufficient Storage

    I've almost given up hope on my tiny inexpensive phone. Before I ask my questions, let me lay down some ground rules: 1. I have no desire to, or knowledge on, rooting my phone. This is off limits because I can't afford a new one if I mess something up. 2. I'm not going to buy a new phone, and...
  2. C

    Help WiFi turns on after locking phone screen.

    Hello, So for the past few days my WiFi keeps turning itself on by itself. I will turn it off, lock my phone and then unlock my phone and it will be on again by itself. I've read a lot about options to turn off but I have none that people say is the cause. I thought it might be an app but it...
  3. C

    Help Insufficient Storage with SD card

    So, I have had my Huawei Ascend Plus for over a year now and I finally got an SD card for it. I've moved all movable apps to the sd card and my default download location is the sd card. I have over 7 gb of space left on memory card, but the default apps that I don't even use (google...
  4. A

    Help Swype and Memory Issues

    I have had my phone for a while, and it's worked great. Except for two things. Swype no longer works (the area is black, can't see any buttons, much less use them) and trying to install new apps will inform me that there isn't sufficient storage space, even though I have internal storage space...
  5. M

    Help Time for a good cleaning? Apps closing or freezing.

    I like my Huawei H881C, it's my first smartphone, and I've had it for about a year and a half. During this time I've added and deleted apps and other things, and now my phone is so slow, and nearly always has trouble with texting and phone calls. I open messaging and it closes itself, over and...
  6. HarmonicaBob

    Help Storage problem Please help

    I'm unable to download anything, even though under storage, it shows I have 14 gigs left on my SD card and over 2 gigs left on my internal storage. I tried getting rid of some things under file manager, but it doesn't seem to help at all. I could sure use some help on this if anyone would help...
  7. HarmonicaBob

    Help Huawei Ascend Plus Problem W/ storage

    I have aprox 14 gigs left on my SD card and it says I have well over 2 gigs left on internal storage. Now my problem is, every time I attempt to download an app, I get " low storage" and am unable to download anything. In settings, under storage, I've had every thing sent to my SD card. I...
  8. K

    Screen Not at normal brightness

    My screen is darker in some spots and brighter in others. Started after my dad used electronic cleaner on charger port. Was sprayed directly into port. Do I need a new phone?
  9. K

    Help Display Problem

    Five hours ago, my phone wasn't charging correctly.(I've had to add paper to the battery compartment to hold the battery in place) My Dad(who works with electronics) decided to clean the charging port. So he sprayed electronic cleaner directly into the port. Then used cutips cleaned it. It fixed...
  10. P

    Boot sound will not play on Ascend Plus/M881

    I'm having some difficulty getting a boot sound to play on a rooted Huawei Ascend Plus (M881) that has been flashed to Page Plus from Tracfone. A bootSound.ogg file exists in the /system/media/audio/animationsounds/ directory, but it doesn't play during startup. (It isn't a "silent" file...
  11. HarmonicaBob

    Help Texting

    I have attempted everything I can think of in the message settings, but when I write a long text, it breaks my text into multiple texts instead of changing into a SMS message. Please help me if possible, it's very annoying to everyone involved. THANKS ahead of time!!!!! .
  12. P

    Help Insufficient Storage

    A while back I bought a Huawei Ascend Plus H881C from Straight Talk. It came with a lot of built-in apps that I didn't care for and never use. It's a great phone, but I can't have very many apps downloaded on it. Sometimes when I get a new update on an app, it won't let me upgrade it because...
  13. 7

    Help copy and paste

    Can't figure out how to copy and post links to my email
  14. L

    Help SD Card - how to move stuff to it

    I'm pretty sure this isn't rocket science...I've been screwing around with my phone and give up. Can someone tell me how and what I can move to the SD Card to free up internal memory? Also, should SD Card be default storage location. I was having problems opening/downloading text...
  15. shadowsl4yer

    Help Need some help

    Is this normal? I have a Huawei ascend plus and the time on battery says 2hrs and 15 minutes and it's on 73% is the phone or battery defective?
  16. J

    Help Need assistance

    I have a Huawei ascend plus. Everytime I try to login to Google play it pops up" connection time out". But I can surf the Web all day and never have this problem. Also, when I download certain games or apps it will download it and when I install it I get "there was a problem parsing the...
  17. M

    Ascend Plus -vs- LG Optimus Dynamic 2 -vs- ZTE Majesty

    Hey everybody, I have had straight talk since July and love the service, I recommend it to everyone. I had a Samsung Galaxy Centura which was a pretty good phone all in all but its broken now and its time to trade in with my product replacement warranty. I dont just want a phone equal in...
  18. A

    Just got a new phone ... need help

    I just got a Huawei Acsend Plus yesterday. When I am typing a text mess. it tries to figure out what I want to say and inserts it automatically. I have the auto correct turned off. Is there something else I can do to disable this? Thanks, George
  19. P

    Help Problem with powering of phone (rooted) help

    I rooted my phone. The huawei h881c android version 4.04. I think I accidentally deleted some system apps. Now when i try to power off the phone. Instead like before it would pop up a box asking to either power it off or not. Now with the power button it automatically just reboot the phone...
  20. D

    Root custom recovery and rom

    I really wish we could get a custom recovery for this phone! I know u guys are working on it but I'm afraid by the time its ready I'll have done gotten frustrated and got a Samsung lol
  21. L

    Micro SD card - 2.0 vs 3.0 ?????

    Hi - I'm about to purchase a Micro SD card (class 10 - 32gb) for my phone. When reading descriptions some say "compatible with SD 3.0 Standards" and others "SD 2.0 Standards Only". Can anyone tell me which I would use in this phone.
  22. M

    Help Huawei H881C is frozen

    Hello! My Huawei H881C (aka Ascend Plus) has just decided not to do anything. I was on a call, ended the call, then was unable to do anything at all with the phone. I can't swipe in any direction, I can't restart or turn off the power. The screen it is stuck on is the one with the padlock in...
  23. C

    Huawei Ascend Plus Low Memory

    The Huawei Ascend Plus Only Has 387 mb. Of System Ram And Only 630 mb. Of Internal Storage Memory. The Pre installed apps Eat Up Most Of The System Ram Leaving 48 To 50 mb. With Only One App Installed. The Apps Stop Responding And Close And the Phone Lags Because Of The Low Memory. All Of The...
  24. B

    Android Ascend.. Sucks.

    Hello, I just came to this website to complain about how horrible of an experience i'm having with my new android ascend. I haven't had a phone in over 2 years and i finnaly took 150$ of my hard earned money and bought this piece of crap. I've had it for about a week and its already giving me...
  25. R

    Root Root with SRSRoot

    A few people have been asking on how to go about rooting their HUAWEI H881C/Ascend Plus so I thought I might post this small guide I made for them here under its own forum section. I took the time to capture a few screen shots as well to go with the guide, but I'm too new here so I'm not allowed...