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2021 NFL Football season


DON'T PANIC!!!!!!!!!
  • May 13, 2010
    Los Angeles
    WOW what a great weekend for football fans!!!!!!!

    there were some really good games this weekend.

    the Browns almost pulled off a huge upset, but Mahomes was just too good.

    I'm glad that Sam Darnold was able to show what the Jets missed. it just goes to show you if you put weapons and a good quarterback, you can do pretty well......granted we are talking about the Jets.....LOL

    and my LA teams did absolutely great. My Chargers proved that they can go up against and good defense and shred them. Washington's defense did not show up for this game. Herbert just tore them apart!!!!! he is going to have a really good year.

    its too bad that my team will get overshadowed by the Rams. Stafford looks great, what an amazing trade they did with Detroit(Goeff looked great as well).

    and i can't believe that New Orleans beat the Packers......was not expecting that.

    anyways how did your teams do in the first week? are you excited for football this year?
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    My Chiefs pulled out a come from behind victory over the Browns. The Browns looked very good yesterday and are a much more balanced team than the Chiefs. The Chiefs defense is quit suspect again this year but made some plays in the fourth quarter. I was left with the feeling that home field advantage was a big contributor to Chiefs' victory. 1-0 start feels good.

    My Steelers looked pretty sad the first half of their game. Their lack of a quality offensive line will loom big this season if they can't fix it. They made some great adjustments at half time and played a faster game in the second. Not asking so much from the O line they were able to move the ball with success. Ben looked good for a more than seasoned QB and showed he can still move in the pocket and run if need be. The guy needs to learn how to slide. :) The Steelers managed a win and made my day.

    It was a fun day of football. I was more than ready for the season to begin. I'm a huge Royals fan so I've struggled to be entertained since week one of baseball. :) Love football!
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    Damn! How many teams are your teams.......lol

    Just two football teams. :) Two baseball teams .... Royals and Padres. Two college basketball teams as well for that matter... WSU Shockers and Kansas. I don't follow College football or the NBA. I followed the NBA decades ago and was a Celtic fan but when Bird and McHale moved on I quit following the sport.
    I love sports!

    I've been a Chiefs fan since their beginning. I've been a Royals fan since their beginning. Been a fan and supporter of my local University since I was a youth.. WSU. I guess you could say those are my teams. The other franchises came about and I'm not certain why but I rarely miss a game.
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    so my chargers lost today which makes me sad. it was a of flags. i have never seen sooooo many flags thrown in one game. we need to clean that up if we are to be successful this year.

    just finished watching the chiefs-ravens game.......it was a showdown of 2 really good qb's. that jump throw td from lamar jackson was incredible!!!!!!
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