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Aug 3, 2014
After doing "Hard Reset" LG-D520 boots up and then shows a message when pressing 'Next' "LG Setup Wizard has stopped". Please see the attached photos. This repeats every time. What to do?
<< After pressing 'Next' show this.
<< After press 'OK' it shows the TMobile logo.
<< then this message comes again.
<< and then this comes again.
see the above videos to understand better.
Please help.
Try to manually force your phone to power itself off completely by pressing and holding down the Power button, for as long as it takes (i.e. ten seconds or more).
Then try to just restart your phone normally to see if it at least starts to boot up again so you can go through the whole set up process again.
If your phone continues to get stuck on the startup wizard message, force it to shut down again. Assuming you tried using the Hard Reset (Factory Reset) option in the Settings menu and something happened to create this boot loop problem you're now stuck in, try using the physical, hardware buttons to do another Hard Reset and see if this allows your phone to start up normally. See below:

But as @ocnbrze referred to, this is a pretty dated phone so how much time and effort do you want to put into restoring it? Are you intending on using it as a daily usage phone again, or is it a matter where you just ran across an old phone and feel an urge to at least get it working again?
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Can the battery come out?
If so, take it out, and then hold the power button and volume down button together for a slow count of 60 (approximately 60 seconds).

This makes sure that all of the capacitors are drained of energy.

Then reinsert the battery, plug it into a charger, and hold the power button until it begins to start up.

Hope this helps.

If not, most likely a device of that age is toast.
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