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Baseball 2023

And then the Dodgers win!
don't know how they keep doing it, with the only clear starting pitcher is Kershaw. the rest of the games are bullpen by committee. this is such a weird year in baseball. we weren't even suppose to at the top of the division. i wonder what the Vegas odds were for the Dodgers at the beginning of the season to win the west division?
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I recently upgraded my TV from a 50" to a 65". It's late in the season to enjoy the baseball plex but added screen size makes it sweet. My complaint about the plex has always been that the wizard behind the curtain is always tardy in updating the scores and outs. Watching multiple games in small boxes makes it impossible for me to read the scoreboard superimposed on the actual game feeds.
The new TV screen size allows me to see real time score and outs. I like!

Why wasn't the Dodges / Giants game on the plex? "Every out of market game".... not. The Royals are often left out of the plex when the plex is full. I get it... not in the running... they suck... nobody has to experience their misery. A fan can always go to the actual channel to watch the game if isn't on the plex. Last night there was ample plex space to show the Dodgers game. The game was not on a channel to go to. Dodgers lost 1 to 5 but I wanted to watch it.
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