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Lost my phone this morning. Found it using Google Latitude and a shovel.... Turns out that I dropped it in the snow in this crazy storm moving through Missouri. The parking lot where I was when I dropped it had been plowed after I left and all the snow pushed to a corner. I found the DX at the bottom of the pile in one piece and still running like a champ. Man, I love this phone.
Yeah these type of apps are simply amazing! I have one that can also lock the phone or erase all data in case someone else has it. I can also see all the stats like how much charge is left, etc. from my computer as well. I love technology :)

Same. Just genius to be able to find or destroy (well, remote wipe it) your phone as required.
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<----- It's the Firefox symbol. How can you NOT like Firefox? :D

And yes the capabilities we have seem like movie technology that we all used to wish we had growing up...James Bond type stuff...I love it! lol

Hell in order to speak with HQ, James Bond had to pull out the computer monitor in this glove box!

007 WISHED he had a DX. ;)
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