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Gas prices?

Caught this when I drove by, gas went up another 20 cents $4.49 a gallon Cook county, Chicago suburbs

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Was listening to GM CEO Mary Barra on the news this morning talking about the strike, and I thought the host said you make nearly 30 million last year, and I thought, did I hear that right? Yep, I did.

General Motors CEO Mary Barra made nearly $29 million in 2022. This amount is 362 times the median GM employee's paycheck, according to Securities and Exchange Commission filings. 2 days ago
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It's almost comical that executives in management that are making hundreds of thousands of dollars say the hourly workers are making unreasonable monetary demands

I listened to a striking worker complain 'cause he was only making 38 dollars a hour .... AND they want a 4 day work week and be paid for the 5th day ! WTF Willis, I will be glad to go stand at the assembly line in the air conditoning putting together cars for 38 dollars an hour ... and I will do it 5 days a week too ! ! !

I am living on a social security check that is not enough to buy gas for my vehicle and they are complaining ????

WTF is wrong with that picture ?
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